Ein Tag in Braunschweig (16.1.16)

Heute haben wir Volkswagen Autostadt und Phaeno besucht. The first thing we noticed this morning (we were also very tired) was the coffee vending machine at the Hauptbahnhof. All of the students immediately flocked to the vending machine and slowly they became more energized, happy, and alert. Sie haben zehn verschiedene Arten von Kaffee und heiße Schokolade und sogar Suppe! Hier ist Liz mit ihrem Kaffee!


Even though Germany is much older than the United States, a lot of the buildings and structures in Germany have been restored, rebuilt, or renovated, due mostly to the damage caused by WWII. While riding the train to the Autostadt, we noticed that one of the stops was named for John F. Kennedy. It is interesting to note that Germany has various buildings and streets named after influential Americans, while it is very uncommon to see structures named for Germans anywhere in the United States.

While at Autostadt, we observed some people dressed as pirates, wearing bandanas and waving flags with a skull and crossbones on it. Wir glauben, dass sie einen Rundgang führen. We aren’t sure what type of group they were going to lead, but perhaps it was for a pirate enthusiastic group. We do hope they found their treasure! Argh!

One of the guides at the Autostadt pointed out a Bugatti T57 SC Atlantic during our tour of the Volkswagen museum. According to her, there are only two originals of this car left in the world, one belonging to Ralph Lauren, and the other to American actor Nicolas Cage, which is an interesting point.


We then went to visit Phaeno, across the street from the Autostadt. The Phaeno is a hands-on science museum with interactive exhibits. They have over a hundred exhibits, all demonstrating different aspects of science. Unfortunately, at the Phaeno we were the oldest people there with chaperones.

By: Katie Bryan & Taylor DiLeo


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