About – Wer wir sind

On this site, you will find information about our Winter J-term Study Tour 2016  “Germany Today: Science, Technology & Culture” organized by the German IEP Program and the German Section of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at URI, generously funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the Max Kade Foundation New York and led by Prof. Sigrid Berka, the Executive Director of IEP and Anett Geithner, the DAAD Visiting Professor at URI.

Auf dieser Webseite finden Sie Informationen über unsere Studienreise nach Deutschland 2016 zum Thema “Deutschland heute – Wissenschaft, Technologie & Kultur”, organisiert vom German IEP der University of Rhode Island unter der Leitung von Frau Prof. Sigrid Berka, Direktorin des IEP-Programmes an der URI und Anett Geithner, Lektorin des DAAD, und gefördert vom DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst) sowie der Max Kade Foundation New York.



We are a group of 24 undergraduate URI students – from freshman to senior and from various fields of study. Most of us, however, major in an engineering subject and in German participating in URI’s International Engineering Program (IEP). And we all share a keen interest in Germany, the German language, culture, business and research. That is why we participate in the 14-day J-term travel tour “Germany Today: Technology, Science and Culture”, offered for the third time at URI in January 2016.

This year’s travel tour will take us to Germany’s capital BERLIN, to HAMBURG, FRANKFURT and LEIPZIG as well as to our two partner universities in BRAUNSCHWEIG and DARMSTADT.

We will visit famous companies such as SIEMENS, VOLKSWAGEN, BMW, DOW, HEXAGON, LUFTHANSA, research institutes and information centers and the German Parliament BUNDESTAG, talk to and discuss with professionals, experts and URI’s exchange students in Germany, explore Germany’s history, architecture and art, and, of course, we will hear and speak a lot of German!

We will post our experiences and would like to share our impressions with you in the days to come.



Check out interactive travel map here!


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