Unser Letzte Tag in Braunschweig

Unlike the bottles in the United States, the seals of the caps here come off the bottle when it is opened. Apparently this is because it makes the bottles easier to recycle as the bottle and the cap are made out of different plastics.20160118_124506In Germany there are cigarette machines everywhere. In order to buy from one, one must have a special debit card with their information encrypted in it so that minors cannot buy cigarettes. These machines sell packs, not individual cigarettes.20160118_125658When it snows here, they put pieces of rubber on the ground for grip. These are not that different from something one would find on a turf field. The reason for this is that salt and sand are very harsh on the roads and sidewalks once the snow melts.20160118_125648While touring the labs at TU Braunschweig, we saw that one of the chemical hoods had rubber gloves that you can reach into the hood with. This way, you can perform potentially harmful chemical experiments without the risk of harmful gaseous products.20160118_135616

Christian DiCecco and Patrick Curtis