22. Januar Frankfurt

While in Frankfurt we noticed a lot of culturally different things there. One thing we found was that the mail service in the city is very interesting. In the United States mail is delivered by a mail truck, however in Frankfurt they are delivered their mail by carts. The mail man rolls around a cart to every address and delivers the mail in a faster and efficient way than if he did it by truck.

Another thing that we got to observe and experience was an opera. We walked all the way from the hostel to the opera house which was fairly modern. We watched a play that resembled the story of Romeo and Juliet. The play, like the opera house, was very modern and was performed in Italian. There were German subtitles, but being new at German and not knowing any Italian, I had to rely on my visual understanding. The opera was very well done and the accompanying orchestra made the opera really great.

An interesting observation made in Frankfurt was one that was made in almost every previous city. This is the fact that there is so much modernization in every corner but there are still so many historical and old portions of the city. This is due to the fact that during the Second World War, most of the city was destroyed, but what was not destroyed has been very well protected and built around. For example there was a mall that had a revolutionary design that captures rainwater in a useful and elegant way, and then not too far away there are famous cathedrals and cobblestone walkways everywhere. Examples like this work in beautiful unison to give the city an interesting and unique feel.

Thomas Vaughan and Matthew Perugini